воскресенье, 13 ноября 2011 г.

Dear friends,
It's almost here! The second annual Global Education Conference is a week-long, and free, event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world. The conference features sessions and keynote addresses to inspire global connections, projects, ideas, and action in an increasingly connected world.

среда, 22 июня 2011 г.


   IEARN(International Education and Resourse Network) offers innumerous highly ITC  tools to enhance teaching in different educational areas. Teachers and students work hard through the school year at their projects  and then arrange online  Skype or Elluminate meetings or VC  to share their final work with each other and discuss  some important project issues.

 On June 21 there was a VC between Pakistani and Russian students. 

Karachi,Pakistan students 

Pakistani  students are participating in a two-year after school English language teaching program and  come from three different centers.   Please check it at http://www.iearnpk.org/accesskhi/index.html . 

Students from Miass, Russia
The First Educational Summer Camp "Magister IQ"  has been organized within the governmental program "Gifted students". Students from different schools were awarded the right to rest and get more knowledge at the  Summer Camp "Master IQ"  in June. 
Mainly these students are winners of Maths and Physics Olympiads

Teachers of different subjects were invited to teach summer camp students. But instead of typical school subjects we were supposed to involve them into creative activities.

The Russian  students decided to tell  Pakistani students about famous Russian folk tales characters.
They drew pictures of the famous Russian folk tales heroes....

 ....posted their greetings  and art to the project forum ....

 Ksenia and Polina made a picture of one of the most famous Russian folk tales character Baba Yaga.

This Video Conference  has been run thanks to advice and support from the Folk Tales/Storeytelling:Past and Present Project Facilitator  Saleem Ibrahim. 

<<"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon. Same goes with this connection, maybe a small step for us, but a giant leap for our students.>> 
Saleem, I completely agree with you.

Here is the link for  Pakistan Facebook post of the same event.

Thank you, Saleem!!!

Even when our students are on their long summer break there are amazing ways to teach them 21st century skills.

Thank you, IEARN!

To learn more details about the IEARN  Folk Tales/Storytelling:Past and Present Project you can here http://media.iearn.org/projects/folktales

понедельник, 30 мая 2011 г.

Welcome to school 16


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

This is a question often asked. To tell the truth I don’t remember exactly why? At the age of 17, when I had  to  choose my   future career , I could either choose a career of an English language teacher because I adored  my own English teacher who was young, dressed fashionably  and  she knew her subject well. Or because my granddad was a headmaster and there at home I heard a lot about inner world of school life. At the same time I remember that being high school students few friends of mine and I were pioneer leaders and involved junior students in after school activities. May be all these factors combined directed me straight to the Teachers’ Training Institute? I don’t remember.
  But there comes another question: “Why didn’t I change my job taking into consideration poor conditions of teachers in Russia?” Every time when  there appeared good offers  to change the job the first thought always was “Yes, I shall apply for a new job.” But on the second thought I could hardly imagine myself doing this or that monotonous work. One can’t help denying that teacher’s job is difficult and at the same time it is  creative, unpredictable and public. A teacher can be compared to an orchestra conductor who gives instructions and lets pupils perform. Also, a good teacher implies many roles.  A teacher assumes many roles even during one lesson. A good teacher is a mentor, a motivator and a counselor, a spark that ignites students and inspires their hearts and minds  to the subject and sometimes to the other aspects of life. I teach students aged from 7 to 17, and always modify my methods to match the students’ needs. I know for sure that if you are motivated and love your subject students accept you and your creative ideas. They have motivation and go happily to school for your classes.
 On the contrary if you are not motivated, your apathy is transmitted to your students.
   A teacher can’t work at school without love for children. Love means that a teacher and his/her students understand each other without words.
I am a Teacher, and I am proud of it.
I am an English Teacher and it also makes me proud.
   I can make my small classroom a part of global community and the global community a part of my classroom. My students are proud that I am their Teacher.

This lovely song tells a lot how it is to be a teacher.
And are you proud of being a teacher?